We are an unprogrammed Quaker meeting located in Pendleton, Indiana. We are members of Ohio Valley Yearly Meeting.

Ours is a living, experiential (or as the early Quakers would have said, “experimental”) faith. We have no formal creed or dogma. As individuals and a community, we strive to live our lives under the guidance of the Inward Light that is available to all people.

The Real Presence of God here with us is the heart of our faith. The discovery that all life, in our meetings, at our meals and in our day’s work and business, can be and should be a sacrament is one of our most distinguishing features.

Rufus Jones

We welcome everyone, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, or social status. All of us have gifts to share and can support one another in the life of the Spirit.

If you’re new to unprogrammed worship, see our Visitors page for more information.